United Nations Association of Boulder County

Since 1964, the United Nations Association of Boulder County, has been driven by a single goal: to do our part in making the world a better place for all. We aim to maintain international peace and security, protect human rights, deliver humanitarian aid, promote sustainable development, and uphold international law.

UNA Boulder County offers programs that inform Boulder County residents about United Nations’ efforts promoting peace, prosperity and health. Our goal is to increase local participation in UNA activities, local awareness the UN’s role in our daily lives, and local advocacy for the UN’s work. UNA Boulder is spearheading the Cities for CEDAW campaign to advance gender equality and equity, and advocates for legislation to be adopted that support health and social justice for women and families.

UNA USA envisions a world in which humanity is spared the scourge of war, human rights are honoured, the natural environment is protected, and the U.S. is a constructive member of the United Nations for the well-being of all humankind.

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